Must Haves for Nursing Working Moms

When I was pregnant with Lily, I knew I was going to want to go back to work and continue to breastfeed. For some reason I didn't do my research or really think that I needed anything besides a pump. I was wrong. Along the way I realized I needed a few things that I didn't even know existed! I could've definitely used this list in preparation for being a nursing-working mom. I hope it helps you out as much as it would've helped me!

Life with Lily: Two Months Postpartum

Two months? Incredible. Motherhood: Trying your best, but not always succeeding. Ha Fast. Everything goes and passes by fast! The time, the growth, the pains, the discoloration. Everything I worried about in my past post like the dark spots, the flabbiness, POOF, gone! Just kidding. It's not all gone, BUT it's not where it was…

Staying Positive During My Pregnancy

Being pregnant is no easy feat. My anxiety and depression were a hurdle that I had to overcome faster than I knew I could. It's hard to look at, acknowledge and learn to use silver linings when you've been pessimistic most of your life- even if you do it as a joke. But it's not impossible! Read about how I've been staying positive throughout my pregnancy, maybe a thing or two will help.