“There is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice” – John Calvin

     I’ve been having a hard time dealing with sadness lately. My mind has been in a very negative, dark space. I have this planner that I checked every day and I had stopped looking at it, following it and just stopped keeping track of time. Since I’m really trying to dig myself out of this hole that I seemed to put myself in, I decided to look at it again and I noticed a lot of my days are pretty empty. My planner also has a lot of quotes in it and for the month of August is the quote I stated above and it got me thinking about my attitude…

I am a very cup half empty type of person. I could see the color yellow and instead of rejoicing in it, I’ll say it’s too bright. So I decided to try something new starting today, August 14th, 2017. Every day I’ll try to smile and I’ll observe my surroundings and take in a bit of positivity and I’ll relate it to a color. Kind of like Taylor Swift with her song “Red”. I will try my best to find at least one positive aspect in my day and I’ll share it under the category “Baby Steps”.

This may seem like a silly tactic, but I am honestly just trying to make it through everyday. If I have a negative thought that I think people may benefit from hearing, I’ll share it too. For now I’ll take it one step and one color at a time. How do you or have you coped with sadness and hard times?

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