Salt & Pepper

As I see my dads hair go from dark black to sprinkles of grey in his beard and head, I can’t help but get teary eyed because my Daddy is growing up. I see my friends have older parents who are doing just fine at their old age, but this is my Daddy we are talking about. My Daddy who would put Christmas lights up on a tall ladder every Christmas as a child, my Daddy who would get home late at night from a hard day at work and ask me to take his shoes off, my Daddy who now gets tired eyes from being up too late, who gets back aches from lifting heavy things. I too am getting older and as my Daddy begins to get more tired and as more hairs get grey, I find myself panicking and rushing to get myself together because although he is a young, older man I don’t want my time to run out to make him proud.

If there’s one wish I could have is for my parents to live forever so I could run to my dad anytime I get scared or sad or so happy I just have to tell him; So I could have a guarantee that he will walk me down the isle. Everything in this world is finite and that is what makes it so special. Without the guarantee of forever, we have a reason to make every moment special and all the more reason to be grateful for what we do have for whatever amount of time we have it.

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