Afternoon in Bishop Arts

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I have just recently gotten my job back at the amazing company I had left because of my inability to work a full-time job. They offered me a part-time job position and this week I happened to get Wednesday off, which is also the day my sister got off! We decided yesterday that we were going to go thrift shopping, but somehow ended up having brunch at one of my favorite parts of Dallas, Texas: Bishop Arts. At first, we went to 303 Bar&Grill because of their $5.00 margaritas, but they didn’t have the frozen ones that my sister likes. So instead we headed across the street to Pier 247, a cute seafood spot with some of the best fried oysters I’ve ever had! I paired my fried oyster basket with the delicious Rox Colada that had two different kinds of Malibu Rum and tasted like summer dancing on my tastebuds! I wasn’t able to take a picture of it because I was keeping it away from my super cute nephew. He loves to grab stuff and throw it with his strong meaty arms. My sister and I didn’t really talk much while we ate our brunch. I think it’s because she was busy downing two Victorias, but hey, who knows? Haha

Fried Oysters Basket
In the Limelight

After our great brunch, I still had a tiny amount of space left in my small stomach for dessert – Cause who doesn’t have time for dessert? I had seen that Pier 247 had a key lime pie, but I knew they didn’t make them in house. You know who does? Emporium Pies. Conveniently located in Bishop Arts as well! Do ya’ll see why I love this area so much? Anyway, we made the 30 second drive to Emporium Pies where I enjoyed a delicious slice of their Spring Pie Special: “In the Limelight”. It’s kind of like a key lime pie, but this one was more tart. I got it with a side of vanilla ice cream which compensated for the tartness of the pie. It was so good! I don’t know what brand of ice cream it was, but if I remember correctly, it was so delicious, my nephew ate one whole scoop! (My sister may have helped) While eating my pie, my sister and I somehow got to the conversation of my friend Freddy’s passing. A story I might one day tell. Freddy has two siblings, a brother and a sister just like me. He left them behind along with his parents and as I told my sister the story of Freddy’s passing I realized how amazing it was to be spending time with her. It’s crazy to think that that’s something not everyone gets to do anymore because they may not just have their sibling. I don’t always go out with my sister or with my brother, but when we do we always have a blast. It makes me so incredibly sad that Freddy’s siblings won’t be able to do this anymore with him. However, I am so happy that we all got a chance to have him bring joy to our lives and all that’s left are happy memories. I am so grateful and so happy that I got to spend this afternoon with my sister. We never know how long we have and when the last time it’ll be that we will share a memory with somebody. So while alive, enjoy your family, friends and make sure to make loads of memories- that way, when the time comes we will have great memories to look back on. Back on a happier note, we ended our afternoon by changing my nephews diaper on a bench outside and headed to my brothers school to pick him up. I had a pretty great afternoon.

Double Vanilla, Single Lime ft. Fresh Flower

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