Dallas Gems: Rainbow

Working in an office, looking at a computer all day one of the things I look forward to the most is going on my lunch break! Here in Texas it’s getting super hot so leaving the office can be bittersweet. I get to leave the office, but I also leave the AC.

My friend Taylor, who also happens to be my coworker is also my lunch buddy. We take our lunch together whenever we have the opportunity to. One day as we walked out of our office building into the hot Texas sun, we were craving something to cool us off. Something iconic in the summer. Something icy and delicious… a snow cone! We have a whole hour for lunch so we had to find a place that was close, but it didn’t have to be too close. After some googling and double checking on yelp we found a place called “Rainbow” and made our way there.

As we pulled into their small parking lot, a lady walked out with an enormous orange snow cone. We knew we were in for a delicious treat!

Oak Cliff Entrance

We went there thinking there’d only be snow cones, but when we walked in we were shook with the variety! They had all kinds of munchy food! they had cheese hot cheetos, funnel cakes, fried oreos!! It was like being at the state fair out of season! If we had been hungry, we would even have the option to get a burger, fries and drink at an extremely reasonable price! They even had fruit! SO MANY OPTIONS YALL.

Yummy Menu

After settling down my watery mouth, I was finally able to decide on what to get. I got a mango flavored snow cone with mango chunks and chamoy, oh and a corn in a cup! Is your mouth getting watery too? Taylor got a pina colada snow cone with real ice cream in it and nachos.

Corn & Mango

My corn in a cup was really good, but not as good as my corn ladies from a bazaar near my house. Don’t tell my corn lady I tried someone elses corn! They had Valentina hot sauce which is my favorite to put in corn. For a small corn, it was pretty big! The best part about the mango snow cone were the mango chunks. The syrup for the snow cone tasted pretty artificial, but it was good nonetheless. My favorite thing wasn’t even something that I got, it was what Taylor got!

Pina Colada Snow Cone

This snow cone was the most delicious non alcoholic version of a pina colada I have ever had in my short 21 years of life. It was amazing and my taste buds hated me for not getting this. I don’t eat cheese, but I will share with ya’ll Taylor’s nachos too.


Overall this was an awesome place to go to for a snack during our lunch break. I will be going again soon for the fried oreos and funnel cake! If you’re in the Dallas area, you should definitely check this place out!

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