Dallas Lunch Hotspot: Social Pie

The location of  my job is pretty great. We are in a developing area where there are a lot of gathering yummy fast food chains, and we have a lot of nestled restaurants. It can be a hassle to decide what to eat because of the variety! If you ever find yourself in the Medical District in Dallas, one of the places you should definitely visit for lunch is Social Pie!


The moment my coworkers and I entered, it had a fresh, clean feel. It’s a very earthy feeling place. They have lunch specials and a pretty delicious menu. I apologize for not having a picture of the actual menu, but here is an awesome chalkboard menu that they seem to update every so often! As you can see they have many special deals practically every day!


I ordered an appetizer as my lunch because I wasn’t too hungry and I LOVE pepperoni rolls. I don’t like an excess amount or marinara sauce on my pizza, or on my spaghetti even, and every time I get rolls they give it to you on the side which is PERFECT. I ordered it thinking it was going to be a 6 inch roll, but it wasn’t! They cut it up for you in individual pieces. It really was an appetizer cause it was prepared as a shareable item. Ask me if I shared with my coworkers… hehe I actually only shared one piece because they didn’t want any, it wasn’t because I’m stingy!

Remember how I said I wasn’t that hungry? Well I finished this entire appetizer all by myself! It may not be a lot to most, but I’m a 95 lb. girl who gets full off one slice of pizza. Each slice of roll had just the right amount of pepperoni and the perfect amount of cheese- for me. As ya’ll will come to see, I am a very picky eater. I’m not lactose intolerant, but I just can’t stand the taste of dairy, in excess. If it smells too much like dairy, tastes too much like dairy I will 100% throw up. This roll however, was perfectly balanced in every way. Ten out of ten recommend as an appetizer or a meal for the small stomachs out in this world!

For dessert we all shared what seemed like a huge coconut ice cream sandwich from Joy’s Macarons that they had there. I’ve had Joy Macarons before, but never their ice creams sandwiches and boy was I missing out! If you are a coconut fanatic you definitely have to give Joy Macarons a visit and snatch one of these babies up! They offer different flavors on different days, but if you go to Social Pie they will more than likely have the same ones on hand including this delicious coconut one. 20180626_1457428385943183886385262.jpg20180626_1457564035543891390129389.jpg

I definitely recommend ya’ll go and try this place out. It’s a great, kicked back place to go during lunch and it won’t feel like a rush hour lunch! Service is fast and friendly and best of all, the food was great!

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