What my first trimester was like!

Yesterday marked my 14th week of pregnancy, and I am finally over my first trimester! My first trimester was ass. From week 5, when I didn’t know I was pregnant I was starting to feel odd. I ordered a bowl at Taco Bell that I should have liked, but I couldn’t stomach. I also started to get nauseous. It wasn’t until my 6th week that things went haywire and continued to go haywire.


My first trimester was like going down a never ending, tall ass roller coaster. It was full of headaches, dizziness, bloating, nausea, exhaustion, vomiting, no eating, weight loss, dehydration and probably more but I can’t remember because I get brain farts all the time now and I’ve become even more forgetful!

Before I got pregnant I weighed my normal 96 pounds. In my first trimester I lost 6 pounds! My hands look like a grandmothers, so thin and frail. My under eyes look like I do hard drugs because they’re so dark. Although I have lost weight I don’t think it’s that noticeable in my frame, but I know it’s definitely noticeable in my face cause even my baby daddy notices. Thankfully though, around my twelfth week I started gaining back my lost weight.

Eating became a hard task because my child and it’s yolk-sac of a lunchbox LOVED to eat in the late mornings and early evenings, leaving me to feel like crap. Did you know about this yolk sac lunch box? If you didn’t, you do now! The yolk sac is the lunch box your tiny embryo eats out of the first couple of weeks. It is not receiving “direct” nutrients from you… YET. So, every time your embryo eats out of this dreaded lunch box, you will know because you will fee like crap. As soon as your placenta finishes forming, you’ll be good though. I think mine is almost there, or there already cause I don’t feel super bad all the time anymore. It could also be because I FINALLY got some pills to help with nausea. Thank you doctor! At the beginning though, there was no solution to my nausea. Nothing helped, not crackers or ginger ale or nuts or stale, bland foods like everyone recommended. I had to call into work or be late a lot because of how horrible I felt and my constant visits to the toilet.

Sleeping was a big hassle at first even before I found out I was pregnant. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just sit up cause I wasn’t comfortable. I felt so bad for my honey cause I would always stir in my sleep. Serious stirring ya’ll, like every 2 minutes! And I once even took all the covers away from him just to roll them up and hug them. I did this in my sleep, but I still felt bad haha I still have a hard time sleeping in that I can’t find a good position to sleep. It’s nearly impossible! But somehow I end up falling asleep, I would often wake up restless though, as if I’d slept on the sidewalk or just laid my head down for a few minutes.

I also got incredibly tired. Whether I had done nothing or even just 2 tasks in the day I would be so freaking exhausted it’s not even funny. I had gone weekends just sleeping them away. I wanted to do things like go to a pumpkin patch, movies or out to dinner with friends but I would just be so damn exhausted. My energy was literally zero. It became impossible to make plans my first trimester because I never knew how I would be feeling from one day to the next.

For me, my first trimester was exactly how people with a negative experience described it. It didn’t make me any happier with my pregnancy, but I will admit that once I started to feel better I started to get suspicious of what my baby was doing. I asked it one day how it was and to let me know it was still in there and sure enough, the next day I was gagging and throwing up! The only highlight of my first trimester was thaimg_20181125_204025_966123156161652682283.jpgt feeling like crap meant my baby was growing. I just started feeling like this towards the last couple of weeks when he/she would cut me some slack. I was so angry at first at how something was manipulating my body and using me as a host, but I think I’ve succumbed to the idea that this is going to be my life now, a shared life with someone me and a person I love made together.


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