The Christian Place that Could

There’s a magical place in the Dallas Metroplex that I never knew existed and never quite purposely intended on pursuing. If you didn’t know from some of my previous posts, I am not religious and if I had known this place was religious, I would have never gone. I think they’re low key about this too because it wasn’t until I began talking about my wanting to get an abortion that the Christianity peeked out. Anyway, this wonderful place is Thrive Women’s Clinic.

After peeing on a stick twice and seeing positive TWICE, I was in denial. I was, and still am, uninsured and broke, so clearly the next move was to find a free clinic that would tell me for sure whether or not I was pregnant and to guide me in the direction of an abortion clinic. I called on a late afternoon, around 5 or 6. I want to say it was a Sunday, but I can’t quite remember. Gina, the lady who picked up the phone was so kind. She was nice and polite and asked me me my age, my last period date, and when I was available to go in. I was told I would take the pregnancy test and if I was pregnant I would get a free sonogram, but if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t. Easy enough.

I told my honey about the appointment, I didn’t and never have had to tell him to go, he immediately signs himself up. I am so grateful for him and having him there helped so much.

The appointment day came and I had to sign a simple paper about how I found the place, what I was there for, I checked pregnancy test and abortion options, minor and simple questions. The place was clean, the receptionist was polite, it was a very inviting place just 3 minutes from our apartment! I was escorted to the restroom to pee in a cup for the pregnancy test and then sent to a small room with comfy, colorful chairs with a small TV and a big colorful painting. All the while I was hoping so hard that I wasn’t pregnant. The room was small, yet open and breathable. It didn’t feel like long before a sweet older lady came in letting me know the test was positive and with a folder that held a large booklet titled: “A Woman’s Right to Know”. She walked me through the booklet which had a lot of facts on abortion and parenting. She never used the word fetus, she always said baby and although it bothered me, I let her speak. When I told her I didn’t want the fetus, she told me how it was normal to feel this way and that’s when the Christianity peeked in. “Jesus loves you,” she said.

At this moment I wanted to run, but she was just so nice and apart from the now obvious religious based place, I felt so comfortable and I needed, wanted guidance and here this lady was giving me nonjudgmental guidance the best way she could. She let me know the facts about going through with the pregnancy and abortion, clarifying they did not provide abortion services there only guidance. After what felt like a lengthy infomercial, a sweet tall nurse knocked on the door ready to take me in for the sonogram. I was then led to a larger room with a sonogram machine thing and one of those beds. It looked pretty legit, it was legit and it’s so hard to put into words, but the whole idea of me being there, me being the one who has to lay there, get jelly put on my belly and … see it… hear it?

They called my baby daddy over from the front and he stood there beside me. They lifted my shirt, exposing my then flat belly, spread jelly on me like this mornings toast and placed that wand thing on my stomach. They didn’t even have to linger to find it, it was there, small heartbeat and all…

This clinic has so much to offer, from pregnancy reveals (haha) to parenting classes, which me and my amazing honey are now attending. The best part is they’re free and in all honesty, has inched me closer to having faith and they have not once shoved Jesus or the bible down my throat. They are kind, they are beyond helpful and I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this place. If you or someone you know is looking for guidance because of an unexpected pregnancy or anything else they may offer I 100% recommend you visit one of their many offices in Dallas. Here is a link to their website: .

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I will be sharing the rest of this, my very first, sonogram experience as well as what they offer in these parenting classes, AND some of the free items I have earned just by attending! Thank you so much for reading and for your support!

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