My Goals for 2019!

Last week, my honey got me an awesome self help book that has been amazing, encouraging and had me saying “Oooooh” so many times. Don’t be pervs, I mean it in an illuminating way. haha Before reading this book, I was blanked on what I needed to do to make 2019 a better year than 2018. 2018, I dedicated my time to keep myself mentally stable and I have done a very good job at it, but other than that I don’t think I have done much else to change up my life in a positive manner.

I have taken this year with severe caution, for the sake of my mentality, but this book has helped me realize that I can’t sit in my comfort circle and expect for great things to happen or for time to just push me in the right direction. Although I have settled my anxiety and depressive waves, I have been stumped in a continuous loop of “I want,” “One day,” “I’m trying.” All these “hopeful” statements however, lacked 100% dedicated action. This book kept telling me to not just read it, but to take the advice and apply it. I have this drawer of valuable information given to me by many other people that this book talks about, but for some reason it’s just tucked away. I never opened it. It wasn’t until this book, this book that speaks to me as I would talk to myself, is, forcing me to push forward.


It may sound harsh, but it’s THE TRUTH and it’s how this book words it that it made me want to get out of this stump. I’m sure you’re all wondering what is this awesome book and when are you going to reveal your actual goals? Well here you go!

Do yourself a favor and read this life changing book

You will most definitely not regret picking this up ESPECIALLY if you want, CRAVE, and are willing to make the step into changing your life or at least your habits. You have to start somewhere though. Add this to your New Years resolution or goals list maybe? 🙂

My New Year GOALS

  • Be more forgiving
  • Do at least one productive thing each day
  • Take at least 2 Spring term classes
  • Make time for friends
  • Make more time for family
  • Look at things, even bad things, with a positive eye
  • Be productive, STAY BUSY!
  • Write a blog post weekly!

I know some of these goals sound vague, but they’re realistic goals and goals that will help me in life and I want to finally start practicing them. It doesn’t matter how minimal you think your goal is, if it works for you, then it works for you!

I’ll be sharing ways on how I’m applying positivity into my life, we’re on the second day of the month and I have already noticed some changes in my attitude and statements! I look forward to sharing my journey with you and reading your goals for this year!

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