What They Don’t Tell You When You Have A Baby

When I got pregnant, I knew I was going to have extra responsibility and that I would be caring for a teeny baby and when I thought of her needs I thought of diapers, wipes, butt rashes, feeding her- you know the basics. I was expecting to be spending like $100 on diapers cause that’s the very first thing everyone says when you bring up a baby: DiApErS. Although they weren’t wrong, there were expenses I was really not aware of that may be obvious to others, but they weren’t to me. If you want to know what you should be buckling down for, here are a few things I didn’t really know or think of when I had Lilypad. 

Doctor’s Appointment’s Galore

Babies need to go to the doctor 2 weeks after being let out of the hospital. It is imperative that you pick a doctor you are comfortable with, like, and is within your price range! I was initially going to go to the doctor that coincides with the hospital I go to, but when I called the appointment was THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! 3.0.0. The insanity! I called my sister and asked how much she paid where she went with y nephew and niece and she said $65 and that her doctors were great. So it’s pretty obvious where I decided to go. If you’re wondering where it is, it’s the chain of MD Pediatrics that’s partnered with Children’s Medical Center. Totally affordable and I love it. The doctors visits were $65 each with no insurance. Once I got insurance, it was $0! But $400 was taken out of my paycheck monthly which is INSANE considering it was coverage for just me and Lily. But that’s America for you 🙂 Anyway- expect a lot of appointments between newborn stage to the one year mark. Here’s how the visits go if your baby is relatively healthy:

2 week check up

1 (4 weeks) month check up

2 month check up 

3 months

6 months

9 months

1 yr

After this, I believe it’s yearly check ups. So be prepared! 

So Many Shots, So Many Tears

Nothing prepares you for how many pokes your little baby is going to get. I mean it’s A LOT. I swear every time she went, she received 4+ shots. Unless you’re anti-vax, expect to be crying in the room much more than your baby because seeing them  in that much pain and their normal face go to a face of PAIN is a heartbreaking. At least it is to me and I leave crying every time we go. The shots where I go are $15 each and each time we went we paid around $60 bucks for them. Pedro keeps me somewhat grounded when Lily gets her shots, but I just can’t help but cry when my little one is in pain. The shots are necessary for her and so far she has only had a reaction to them twice where she got a slight fever. It was pretty sad seeing my baby so gloomy. Luckily, it only lasted about a day and a half and Tylenol was there to help. The reaction was after her shots at 3 months. 

The shots will go in their little thighs and they’ll get the heel of their foot poked once and they’ll squeeze out blood for genetic testing. 


No, you will not spend THAT much on diapers and they’re truly not as expensive as people make it out to be. If you have a baby shower, you’ll likely get a bunch of diapers anyway, I had enough to last me her first three months. After that we started buying them ourselves and they’re about 10-20 bucks a pack or box and they last. What’s more expensive and unexpected are the TOYS. Each month or even week they outgrow or get bored of a toy! Their brains are constantly developing so they need toys to keep up with their growth. Toys are not cheap and although it could be an obvious expense, it’s one I didn’t realize was really an expense until I had Lily. 

Lily is now 7 months old, seven months! Time really does pass by as fast as people say. I don’t know everything that goes into having a baby just yet, she’s still growing and learning everyday just like me. Love keeps me going and thankfully I have an amazing supportive partner and family to help me. I hope some of this info helps you prepare a bit more for your little one! For those who read out of curiosity, I hope you learned a little something that could possibly help you or help you inform others in the future!

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