What They Don’t Tell You When You Have A Baby

When I got pregnant, I knew I was going to have extra responsibility and that I would be caring for a teeny baby and when I thought of her needs I thought of diapers, wipes, butt rashes, feeding her- you know the basics. I was expecting to be spending like $100 on diapers cause that’s … Continue reading What They Don’t Tell You When You Have A Baby

Mi Primer Parto Parte 1

Lily es mi primer bebé y embarazo. Una de las razones por las que no quería tener hijos es porque el pensamiento de una sandilla salir de la vagina nunca me parecía ideal. Y que me encuentro embarazada y ahora sí que no había otra manera de que saliera. Todavía espero que la ciencia encuentre … Continue reading Mi Primer Parto Parte 1

My Labor Story Part 1

Lily is my first baby and my first pregnancy. One of the reasons I didn't want to have children is because having a watermelon come out of vagina never seemed like my cup of tea. Then, I found myself pregnant and there was truly no other way for her to come out. I still hope … Continue reading My Labor Story Part 1

El Atardecer

Es algo muy raro poder ver y recordar pensamientos de hace 2 años. Por eso me encanta escribir. Esto lo escribí cuando tenía 21 años, y ahora tengo 23 y como ha cambiado demasiado mi vida. Si te sientes como yo me sentía aquí, lee mis más recientes blogs y date cuenta que las cosas cambian. ¡Supéralo, si puedes!


A little poem I wrote for my babygirl Lily.

Must Haves for Nursing Working Moms

When I was pregnant with Lily, I knew I was going to want to go back to work and continue to breastfeed. For some reason I didn't do my research or really think that I needed anything besides a pump. I was wrong. Along the way I realized I needed a few things that I didn't even know existed! I could've definitely used this list in preparation for being a nursing-working mom. I hope it helps you out as much as it would've helped me!

Life with Lily: Two Months Postpartum

Two months? Incredible. Motherhood: Trying your best, but not always succeeding. Ha Fast. Everything goes and passes by fast! The time, the growth, the pains, the discoloration. Everything I worried about in my past post like the dark spots, the flabbiness, POOF, gone! Just kidding. It's not all gone, BUT it's not where it was … Continue reading Life with Lily: Two Months Postpartum