Hello & Welcome to my Blog!

I’m Nayelli, a Dallasite millennial maneuvering my way through life. It has always been a passion of mine to write whether it’s short stories, poetry and now my main focus: writing about my personal life + my hobbies!
I began this blog a couple years ago to share my life + feelings with everyone in hopes to create a community of loving and accepting people. Although I’ve had many of my initial posts private for a while, this year I decided to make everything public. I had a friend pass away in 2017 due to mental health shortly after I had tried to out myself and I kept seeing mental health related deaths all around me. As a person who can relate to this topic, I figured if my words and experiences could help at least one person, my blog would have served its purpose.

Now that I am in a better state of mind, I enjoy sharing my hobbies, my likes and dislikes, and low and behold, my new chapter in life at the moment… pregnancy! You can read about my struggles, how I learned to come back to Earth and LIVE, and how I continue to keep myself afloat!

Follow my journey or just take a peek into my life here and there. Whatever you do, I hope you find comfort, joy, and most of all love in my blog.
β™₯ Nayelli