A little poem I wrote for my babygirl Lily.

The Christian Place that Could

There's a magical place in the Dallas Metroplex that I never knew existed and never quite purposely intended on pursuing. If you didn't know from some of my previous posts, I am not religious and if I had known this place was religious, I would have never gone. I think they're low key about this … Continue reading The Christian Place that Could

Dallas Lunch Hotspot: Social Pie

The location of  my job is pretty great. We are in a developing area where there are a lot of gathering yummy fast food chains, and we have a lot of nestled restaurants. It can be a hassle to decide what to eat because of the variety! If you ever find yourself in the Medical … Continue reading Dallas Lunch Hotspot: Social Pie

Support Group Tell All & 3 Things I Learned

Last week was my very first time attending an official, set up support group for depression and anxiety. I've been to a free support group where you just show up, no registration needed, and speak openly to others. This group was different because I had to register prior to going and there was a whole … Continue reading Support Group Tell All & 3 Things I Learned

Afternoon in Bishop Arts

I have just recently gotten my job back at the amazing company I had left because of my inability to work a full-time job. They offered me a part-time job position and this week I happened to get Wednesday off, which is also the day my sister got off! We decided yesterday that we were … Continue reading Afternoon in Bishop Arts