El Atardecer

Es algo muy raro poder ver y recordar pensamientos de hace 2 años. Por eso me encanta escribir. Esto lo escribí cuando tenía 21 años, y ahora tengo 23 y como ha cambiado demasiado mi vida. Si te sientes como yo me sentía aquí, lee mis más recientes blogs y date cuenta que las cosas cambian. ¡Supéralo, si puedes!

5 Quotes to Get You Through the Day

There are some days when I wake up and I feel lousy with no will to get up and do anything! I look straight into the path that I am on and realize that although I am walking, I am so far from my goal. It feels like when you want to change the channel, … Continue reading 5 Quotes to Get You Through the Day

Support Group Tell All & 3 Things I Learned

Last week was my very first time attending an official, set up support group for depression and anxiety. I've been to a free support group where you just show up, no registration needed, and speak openly to others. This group was different because I had to register prior to going and there was a whole … Continue reading Support Group Tell All & 3 Things I Learned

Zombies and Feelings

It's crazy to think that not even a whole year ago I was so mentally zoned out I couldn't feel a thing. I remember when my nephew was born I was so excited that he would- he had to make me happy. How could I not be overjoyed to hold my very first nephew in … Continue reading Zombies and Feelings

There’s Help

It is so exhausting to see and hear about suicides every day. It's exhausting because every time someone commits suicide- wait let me rephrase it- every time someone famous commits suicide every single one of my timelines is filled with the Suicide Prevention Hotline Number and "Don't do it" quotes. Every. Single. Time. There are … Continue reading There’s Help

Wasted Times

I always knew I had some kind of problem with drinking, but I never really addressed it because I never did anything dangerous. Hysterically throwing up and sad tantrums were not enough to highlight a developing problem when I was younger. I do not promote underage drinking, but the first time I got completely trashed … Continue reading Wasted Times


Untrustworthy. I can't decide whether my mind is untrustworthy or if he is. I don't know if this is an issue with other people who are depressed or have anxiety, but sometimes I think I'm going crazy. I know when I have thoughts such as methods of killing myself or constant self put-downs that they're … Continue reading Untrustworthy

Bike Rides & Scars

This is something I'd written a couple of years ago and somehow I am going through emptiness again. I hope to one day feel the way I felt when I wrote this. Depression is real, but we can overcome it. I've done it once, I can do it again. Have you ever lost someone or … Continue reading Bike Rides & Scars

August 14th: The Color Tan

This is a follow up from my last post "Positivity". If you guys haven't checked it out please do so and this post will make more sense! ❤ On August 14th I took three positives. 1) My coworker gave me the last brownie. 2) I'm making an effort to be happy. 3) My brothers smile. … Continue reading August 14th: The Color Tan