A little poem I wrote for my babygirl Lily.

Support Group Tell All & 3 Things I Learned

Last week was my very first time attending an official, set up support group for depression and anxiety. I've been to a free support group where you just show up, no registration needed, and speak openly to others. This group was different because I had to register prior to going and there was a whole … Continue reading Support Group Tell All & 3 Things I Learned

There’s Help

It is so exhausting to see and hear about suicides every day. It's exhausting because every time someone commits suicide- wait let me rephrase it- every time someone famous commits suicide every single one of my timelines is filled with the Suicide Prevention Hotline Number and "Don't do it" quotes. Every. Single. Time. There are … Continue reading There’s Help

August 15th: The Color Baby Blue

On August 15th I also took the three following positives (I think this is what my goal is going to be, 3 positives everyday). Made dinner, baked potatoes with mac and cheese, corn on the cob and frijoles charros. My sister had dinner with me. I didn't wake up sad. Tuesday was a pretty busy … Continue reading August 15th: The Color Baby Blue