Staying Positive During My Pregnancy

Being pregnant is no easy feat. My anxiety and depression were a hurdle that I had to overcome faster than I knew I could. It's hard to look at, acknowledge and learn to use silver linings when you've been pessimistic most of your life- even if you do it as a joke. But it's not impossible! Read about how I've been staying positive throughout my pregnancy, maybe a thing or two will help.

My Bikini Shoot Experience

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to take nice pictures of myself. I have a hard time with my face... can anyone relate? Since I tried to commit suicide, … Continue reading My Bikini Shoot Experience

Zombies and Feelings

It's crazy to think that not even a whole year ago I was so mentally zoned out I couldn't feel a thing. I remember when my nephew was born I was so excited that he would- he had to make me happy. How could I not be overjoyed to hold my very first nephew in … Continue reading Zombies and Feelings

There’s Help

It is so exhausting to see and hear about suicides every day. It's exhausting because every time someone commits suicide- wait let me rephrase it- every time someone famous commits suicide every single one of my timelines is filled with the Suicide Prevention Hotline Number and "Don't do it" quotes. Every. Single. Time. There are … Continue reading There’s Help

Wasted Times

I always knew I had some kind of problem with drinking, but I never really addressed it because I never did anything dangerous. Hysterically throwing up and sad tantrums were not enough to highlight a developing problem when I was younger. I do not promote underage drinking, but the first time I got completely trashed … Continue reading Wasted Times

August: The Color Red and Progress

It can be difficult writing everyday about how I feel especially when there are days that I wake up with the worst mentality. There are days when I wake up completely fine and then while I'm doing homework or sitting at my cubicle at work and I get a panic attack. My breathing unsettles, I … Continue reading August: The Color Red and Progress