Zombies and Feelings

It's crazy to think that not even a whole year ago I was so mentally zoned out I couldn't feel a thing. I remember when my nephew was born I was so excited that he would- he had to make me happy. How could I not be overjoyed to hold my very first nephew in … Continue reading Zombies and Feelings

Chew me up & Spit me out

There's talk of psychological abuse in relationships. These kind of relationships can be hard to detect because there are no bruises to look at as a result. There is sometimes little to no physical evidence that this is taking place and sometimes, the person in that relationship has no idea it's happening. I know this … Continue reading Chew me up & Spit me out

August 14th: The Color Tan

This is a follow up from my last post "Positivity". If you guys haven't checked it out please do so and this post will make more sense! ❤ On August 14th I took three positives. 1) My coworker gave me the last brownie. 2) I'm making an effort to be happy. 3) My brothers smile. … Continue reading August 14th: The Color Tan