A little poem I wrote for my babygirl Lily.

Staying Positive During My Pregnancy

Being pregnant is no easy feat. My anxiety and depression were a hurdle that I had to overcome faster than I knew I could. It's hard to look at, acknowledge and learn to use silver linings when you've been pessimistic most of your life- even if you do it as a joke. But it's not impossible! Read about how I've been staying positive throughout my pregnancy, maybe a thing or two will help.

5 Quotes to Get You Through the Day

There are some days when I wake up and I feel lousy with no will to get up and do anything! I look straight into the path that I am on and realize that although I am walking, I am so far from my goal. It feels like when you want to change the channel, … Continue reading 5 Quotes to Get You Through the Day

August 14th: The Color Tan

This is a follow up from my last post "Positivity". If you guys haven't checked it out please do so and this post will make more sense! ❤ On August 14th I took three positives. 1) My coworker gave me the last brownie. 2) I'm making an effort to be happy. 3) My brothers smile. … Continue reading August 14th: The Color Tan