Chew me up & Spit me out

There's talk of psychological abuse in relationships. These kind of relationships can be hard to detect because there are no bruises to look at as a result. There is sometimes little to no physical evidence that this is taking place and sometimes, the person in that relationship has no idea it's happening. I know this … Continue reading Chew me up & Spit me out

August: The Color Red and Progress

It can be difficult writing everyday about how I feel especially when there are days that I wake up with the worst mentality. There are days when I wake up completely fine and then while I'm doing homework or sitting at my cubicle at work and I get a panic attack. My breathing unsettles, I … Continue reading August: The Color Red and Progress

Bike Rides & Scars

This is something I'd written a couple of years ago and somehow I am going through emptiness again. I hope to one day feel the way I felt when I wrote this. Depression is real, but we can overcome it. I've done it once, I can do it again. Have you ever lost someone or … Continue reading Bike Rides & Scars